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Ecoflux helps businesses and Individuals in Africa meet their energy needs using `renewable` Solar energy

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Energy Assessment

Do a self-assessment of your energy needs and let's recommend a custom energy solution for you. With our solar calculator, you can directly calculate the power consumption of your devices and the total number of lightning hours.



Simplifying Access to Affordable and Reliable Energy

With Ecoflux, you can experience a 24/7 electricity supply, power all your gadgets and equipments. You never get to worry about the increasing cost of fueling or the defeaning noise of your generators!

Ecoflux is poised to disrupt the energy industry with its innovation-driven solution that enables Africans to make a self-assessment of their energy needs, place an order online for their solar power components and get their products delivered at competitive prices, without stress.

Energy As a Service (EAAS)

At Ecoflux, we take care of all your energy power and energy concerns by empowering your homes, stores and businesses withour clean energy solutions. By selecting our Energy as a Service EAAS option, you are guaramteed clean and reliable power without the burden and hassle of installing, maintaining or even owning a solar/powe solution. Begin to enjoy power today at zero upfront cost. You only pay an agrees tariff based on the solution deployed.


Flexible Payment Plan(Pay Small Small)

Our Pay As You Go payment model empowers our customers to pay in instalments by spreading the payments over a period of time

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